Monday, May 13, 2013

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Pepper Sandwich

Tonight, I didn't want to cook!!

It all started when I went to leave work and my car wouldn't start.
I had to get it jumped.
How embarrassing!! At least I was embarrassed - sitting in front of my office with my hood up, in the middle of Seattle on the side of 4th ave, cars rushing by, in the wind and rain, with dirty hands - things you have to touch under a hood are dirty - gross.

Then I had to get a new battery. Good bye $116.00, I will never see you again. Who knew batteries only lasted 5 years?
The guy at the auto parts store, my husband and my dad - that's who.

Then, it was storming with thunder and lightning on the drive home so bad that it knocked the power out on the hill where we live and closed my kids school early.

That also means the traffic lights were out, so, what is normally a 30-45 minute drive became a 2 hour drive. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE traffic.
Ask my kids - they can tell you just how much I hate traffic....

So, when I finally got home, not only did I have a nice shiny new battery, and dirty hands, but I DID NOT WANT TO COOK.

But I have kids and they need to eat.

So, dinner......

Grilled sandwiches with anything you could find in the fridge... fun!

Of course, the boys just wanted cheese, boring but EASY, thanks kids!

I heated up some tomato soup, recipe here and put a couple pieces of wheat bread and cheddar cheese in the Panini Press - done!

Now, for mine!

I sliced myself a square of homemade herb foccacia bread left over from dinner last night (I'll post that recipe soon) and split in in half. Then I scoured the fridge for something interesting to stuff in it!

I found:

  • Sharp White Cheddar
  • Sweet and Spicy Pepper Jelly
  • A jar of Roasted Red Peppers
  • Baby Kale and Arugala
I spread the jelly on one side of the bread and layered the roasted red peppers on the other. Added a couple of slices of cheese and some baby kale and arugula. I smushed it all together and tossed it into the Panini Press.

About 3 minutes and it was nice and crispy!

I  poured myself a bowl of soup and a nice big glass of red wine... or 2.

Then, the clouds parted and the sun came out.
I'm not kidding - by the time we ate it was beautiful!! 
Damn weather in Seattle....

Nate took a left over pork chop and sliced it paper thin, added some roasted red peppers, sliced pepperoccini, grain mustard and cheddar. It was sorta like a Cuban, but better.  Amazingness!
(That's a real word, I promise.)



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  1. This is my kind of fast dinner--and sorry about your car!