Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A dining room table, made out of a door? You gotta see this!

Lets start with a picture of the finished product:

Now that I have your attention, here is the story!

Last spring, like a good mom, I sent my kids and their friends to the park.
And like good little children, then came home with gifts for their mama.

Big. Huge. Ginormous. Table bases. (OK, I'm being dramatic, they were regular sized.)

          (I wish I could find a picture of them! I'm looking!!)

What 6,8 & 10 year old children see discarded, beat up, ugly table bases sitting in someone's garbage pile and think this would be the best thing to bring home to their mama??

Mine, that's what kind!

The conversation goes like this:

     Kid: Mom, look what we brought you!
     Me: Wow, what is it?
     Kid: I don't know, cool, huh?
     Me: Oh, I think maybe it's trash...
     Kid: No! We can make something out of them!
     Me: Oh. Lets see what dad says when he gets home.

Then their dad gets home.

     Kid: Dad! Look what we found!
     Hubs: Oh, cool, what we you going to do with them?
     Kid: I don't know, make something?
     Hubs: Cool!

Kids go inside to play.

     Me to my husband: I'm throwing those away as soon as they don't notice.
     Hubs: Nope. You're gonna make some thing with the kids.
     Me: I don't like you right now.


So, after a couple of days, and after I got over the initial "I don't want to!" I came up with a great idea of putting an old door on top of the table bases to make a dining room table. Our old one was very small, and we have people over all the time, so i bigger table would actually be really great!

I told hubby about the idea and he did not like it, but hey, I had to make something with the kids, right?!?

So, I went to a local salvage yard and found a really cool old door - it's about 4'x8', solid core and has some ornate carving on it. It was $80.00, and 25% off for earth day, so I paid about $66 after tax for it.

          (Also looking for this picture!)

I brought the door home, and the kids and I set it up outside one afternoon and beat the crap out of it with hammers, chain, a saw blade and a piece of re-bar. It was already pretty "rustic" but this gave it a little more character, and it was fun!

I did end up putting 1 very thin coat of matte finish over the wood, mainly to remove all the dust and loose pieces and to just finish it up.

I picked up some more supplies for connecting the door to the bases.
A large piece of plywood for under the door, a couple beams to raise it up to counter height, some trim for around the edges, bolts, screws, brackets and glue for putting this all together and some hardware to re-connect one of the legs.

For the chairs, I was not going to pay 100+ per chair brand new, and originally I had thought of just getting a bunch of min-n-match chairs and painting them all to match, but they were not easy to find. I searched craigslist, garage sales, habitat for humanity and thrift stores. Eventually, I was able to find 8 chairs for $20/ea on craigslist, they were white, but that was fine, I was going to paint them anyway. Score!

I sanded and painted the 8 chairs, 2 bases and random pieces of wood that would be visible once the table was put together. I went thru 12 cans of matte black Rust-Oleum spary paint and a bunch of odds ad ends of leftover sand paper.

 Next was assembly!

 And lastly, we purchased a 1/4" piece of tempered glass for the top!

 I am SO happy with the finished product!

 Total for the project: about $650.00

  • Table bases = FREE!!
  • Door = $66.00
  • Glass = $120.00 
  • Misc wood, paint, fasteners = $300.00
  • Chairs = $160.00

I will say that there were some people that thought I had lost my mind when I first told them about my idea, but once they saw the finished product, they confessed how much they loved it!

And now, instead of trying to squish in, we have plenty of room!
A few weeks ago, we had some people over for dinner and were able to fit 11 comfortably at the table!

Now - I'm working on a custom light fixture for above the table.... stay tuned!


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  1. Love your creativity, Candy! The table turned out awesome, just like the rest of your projects over the past year. So proud of what you and Nate have accomplished with your house!