Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Faux Stainless Appliances!

In October 2013 we bought a house - a VERY OLD house. It was built in 1920 to be exact.
Said house was owned by a slumlord who did not do regular repairs, and was a section 8 rental for the last 30 years. It was in need of MAJOR love and TLC.

Throughout the past year, we have re-roofed, completely remodeled 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, refinished 94 year old fir floors, lifted and leveled the house, cleaned out a nasty crawlspace, insulated said crawlspace, carpeted, demolished a rotted deck, replaced exterior doors, built new steps and landings, replaced rotted beams, painted hundreds of walls, hauled thousands of pounds of trash to the dump, and SO MUCH MORE!

Why am I telling you this?

I'm trying to make excuses for why I have not been keeping up with the blog and my cooking.
And I've decided to share some of these adventures with you!

Lucky you!

This first one is silly.

One major renovation we have not tackled yet is the kitchen. Everyone says the kitchen looks great when they see the house, but I beg to differ.

The cabinets are cheap and poorly installed, and the laminate is peeling off of them, the counter tops are warped and ugly. But it is not HIDEOUS and it is functional. So it will stay for now.

One thing we did replace is the stove. Thank you to my amazing Mother In Law! I was going to just deal with the crappy stove until we remodel the kitchen sometime down the road, but she said no and bought us a beautiful stainless steel 5 burner gas stove.
I! LOVE! IT!      :)

We swapped out the old barely-functioning white dishwasher with a hand-me-down better-than-barely-functioning black dishwasher that at least gets the dishes clean.
All was good in the world of kitchen appliances!

We had a beautiful stainless stove, a OK black dishwasher and a monserous white side-by-side fridge that randomly dribbles water from its condenser on the floor. A mis-matched hodge-podge - but dang it, its MY mis-matched hodge-podge!


Then, I read about re-facing your appliances with stainless steel contact paper. What?!?!

Here is our dishwasher yesterday afternoon at about 4:15:

Here is the roll of stainless steel contact paper:

And here is my new dishwasher at 4:20:

This literally took me 5 minutes, and that included pouring myself a glass of wine to celebrate!
How freaking cool is that?!

I laid out the roll, measured the dishwasher across the front and around the sides, adding about a 1/2 inch to the width "just in case" and cut. I peeled the backing (I had Nate help with this part), lined it up with the top seam on the dishwasher, and using a wooden scraper I pressed the contact paper onto the front of the dishwasher, smoothing out all the bubbles (you can use a credit card or a cutting board, anything with a flat edge).

This was so easy - I cannot believe I didn't do this long ago!
I found the contact paper at Home Depot - $12.49 for a roll, and I could have done probably 3 dishwashers with the 1 roll.

My dishwasher matches my stove!!!!!

Now, what to do with that fridge.....


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