Sunday, March 22, 2015

Monogrammed Wine Glasses

I went to my brother's house for dinner about a month ago and went to pour the wine only to find a measly 2 wine glasses in the cupboard. They were down to only 2 wine glasses! A travesty!! LOL! I think we all know how that goes..... "Why do we only have 2 spoons?? Who keeps throwing them away???" I know every mom has said that more than once!

My sister-in-laws birthday was coming up, so I knew EXACTLY what I was going to give her.

Handmade, monogrammed wine glasses!!!!

Here is what I used:
  • Plain wine glasses - I bought the super jumbo ones from the dollar store - $1/ea
  • Ceramic / glass pens (I hear you can use plain old sharpies too?!?!) - I had a coupon for 50% off at JoAnn's Crafts, so these cost me $12
  • Chalkboard paint - about $5
  • Painters tape - left over, but I think  it's a couple dollars for a roll
  • Newspaper - FREE!!

First, I drew my design - in this case, I used the 1st letter of their last name, and I made 8 glasses, all written in a different font.

I used bronze, gold and black, but you could use whatever color you'd like - maybe to match your kitchen!? The great part about the pens I have is that you can wipe the design off with a paper towel and water if you make a mistake or don't like your design, and then re-do it, as long as you haven't baked them yet.

When your design is done, bake them in the oven for 40 minutes at 425 degrees. I layed them flat on a baking sheet, so they wouldn't roll around or break. This will set your design and make it permanent.

The next day, after they had cooled completely, I wrapped the glass with newspaper down the the bottom of the stem and taped it with painters tape.

I spray painted the bottom portion with chalkboard paint - I did 4 light coats. I let them fully dry overnight, then removed the paper and tape.

I washed them well in hot soapy water, and TA-DA!

So pretty!

I am TOTALLY going to be making these for myself, and again for gifts!

It was so easy, personalized and pretty inexpensive!

I wrapped them up and gave them to Steffy a couple days later:

I think she liked them!! :)

And the next morning she sent me this picture of them getting put to good use, mmmmm, mimosa!

And wine!

Happy Birthday Seester!!!!


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